A Review of the Apple Magic Trackpad

I was using a Microsoft Wireless Mouse and it sudden died on me. I had replaced it temporarily with an old Logitech Mouse , which is at least ten years old. I think it came with my first computer. It is so old that it has a base with a USB cable that has two ends. One which is a regular USB head and the other has some kind of pin connection which at one time connected the keyboard to my old PC. The base connects to my mac mini thru the USB port, and then sends a signal to the mouse. It worked, but it meant that one of the USB inputs was taken up and lets face it was pretty ugly and very unMac like.

So yesterday I headed down to my nearest big box store to pick up a new mouse. After looking around and playing with various mice and not being really happy with any of them. I started looking and playing with the Apple Magic Trackpad and I liked the way it felt, so I picked it up instead. I have had it for about twenty-four hours and so far I believe I have made the right decision. It was super easy to set up. Turn on Bluetooth in System Preference of the Mac, make the trackpad discoverable and within two minutes or less you are ready to go. You can set how fast you want the swipe and track to be. You have presets for one to four finger swipes,. which you can turn on or off based on your likes and needs. The available set up is as follows:

My Favorite swiping methods is the two that involve using four fingers. Which trigger Expose and Switching apps. I don’t use those two things as much as I could. I know they’re there, but I tend to forget about them, now I can trigger them with just the swipe of four fingers. My least favorite is the three finger swipe, which I find difficult to work.   I am also discovering it does matter where you place and tap on the trackpad and that is something I need to get use too. Finally I might need to get a small wrist pad. Despite these small complaints, after 24 hours I am happy I got the Apple Magic Trackpad.