Pomdevices’ Sonamba Helps Carers and Seniors

On the first night of CES, Andy talks to serial entrepreneur, Ajit Pendse, CEO of Pomdevices about Sonamba, a product aimed at helping older people stay in their own home when otherwise they might have to go into a care facility.

The Sonamba Internet-connected tablet is intended to be used by the elderly person for daily communication with family and reminders about medications. It also acts a base station for other devices in the home that monitor activity elsewhere, e.g. in the bathroom. Panic buttons can be used to summon assistance in emergencies.

Caregivers can install an app on their iPhone that shows the activity in the monitored home and also make changes remotely to alerts and other settings.

Available now from a variety of resellers, with many different purchase options, but starts from $69 per month.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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