Kidz Gear – Headphones for Children

Andy McCaskey checks out Kidz Gear and their range of headphones for kids. These guys produce child-sized headphones that have all the features of adult ones. Genius – I couldn’t find a decent pair for my 3 year old and ended buying some folding Sennheisers as they had the smallest  headsize. Anyway, this isn’t about Sennheiser…

There’s two models on offer, wired at $19.99 and wireless at $25.99. Both have child-sized but wide head-bands, comfortable but smaller ear cups and a rich sound. In all, a hundred times better than the “free” headphones that often come with audio products. The wired set come with an add-on volume limiter to stop the music being played too loud – the limiter can be used with any 3.5mm headphones.

Jack Peterson, VP Sales, talks as an entrepreneur about developing the products and getting them manufactured. Even if you aren’t interested in this product, it’s worth having a watch from about 4 minutes in.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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