Snapstick moves Videos with a Snap of the Wrist!

You have a video on your tablet, smartphone or lap top and you want to show it too everyone. However gathering everyone a 4″ screen is a little too cozy. You could get up and put the video on your computer and then stream it, but by the time you do that, your friends will have left and gone home. An answer to this is Snapstick. Snapstick moves the video from your portable device to your TV with a snap of the wrist.

They have signed an agreement with D-Link to make the hardware which will connect to the TV and receive the Snapstick signal. Once the signal is received then you can do what you want on your portable device, read email, chat, or browse the Internet. The video is not streamed from Snapstick, so you don’t have too leave the video running on the portable device. This is what makes it different from the Apple TV and Air video.

It should be available in Q2, however at this time there is no pricing on the hardware. They may charge for a premium service but no decision has been made as of yet. I admit if this works as well as the promotion video show I am going to want this device.

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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