Recon’s GPS Goggles

World's First GPS Goggles

If you are an avid alpine skier and want to have real-time stats available to you while you are skiing then you may want to take a look at the Recon Transcend Goggles. These Goggles come in two models the 1st is the SPPX which has a polarized and photochromic lens at $499.00 and the SPX which has a polarized lens at $399.00.

Both goggles have the same heads up display. The heads up display is a micro LCD display, which is in the lower left hand corner of the goggle.  The display appears to be about 6 feet in front of the user. It is small and does not impede the vision of the user. The display can show the following information

  • speed
  • altitude
  • length of run
  • top speed
  • longitude/latitude
  • run counter
  • temperature and time
  • chrono/stop watch mode

The above information is collected, along with GPS data.  You can charge the display and transfer the data using the included USB cable and transfer software. If you are serious about your skiing and you need to keep track of your data, these goggles are worth trying.

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