The Validity Fingerprint Sensor

You want to be secure and have good passwords, but you find yourself thinking there got to be a better way, there is it is the use of a finger print sensor. Finger print sensors for computers have been around for a while, what makes the Validity Sensor Technology different is the sensor is made of plastic and is separate from the silicon. This makes it tougher than many of its competitors, since it is hard to break the plastic. Validity makes both the hardware and some of the software.

The security level they offer varies with what each vendor requires. This system makes it easy for a centralized IT management in corporate setting to keep the total system secure. Since the users don’t have to remember their passwords, they can be changed as often as necessary. Also passwords can be made complicated since the user doesn’t have to remember them. Once an individual has register their fingerprint then anytime they want to login they simply swipe their finger. It can also be used with Web sites. When you come to a new Web site fill in the form including a secure password as you would normally then swipe your finger. Next time you have to login to that Web site simply swipe your finger and the login information will be filled in automatically. It can also be used to secure individual folders within the system.

The Validity Sensor comes with various computers from multiple vendors including, HP Dell Acer and more, it is also available on mobile devices and as a separate USB key. The USB key works with Windows only, no Mac or Linux. For both individuals and business who are looking for away to make their computers secure, laptops with the Validity Sensor system installed maybe a good option.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of The Geekazine Podcast and Tom Newman of The Fogview Podcast.

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