Stop Texting While Driving with tXtBlocker

tXt Blocker is a great product for any parent who have teenagers who like to text while driving. tXt Blocker has two parts first is administrative end which is on the web, the second part is an application which is downloaded to the phone. The parent or supervisor then goes into the administrative zone on the web site and sets up the rules. They can include things such as no texting while the car is moving. No texting in a certain geographic area, such as a school or church.
The system uses the internal GPS and cell phone tower triangulation to determine where the phone is and how fast it is moving. If the phone receives a text while the phone is in motion, or a blocked zone that message is sent to the phones database until the phone has reached a “safe state”. If a call comes into the phone, while it is moving or in a zone that is blocked the call goes to the voice mail, which informs the caller that the person is driving and can’t answer their call at this time. The administrator can set up a safe-list which allows calls from certain people to get through. 911 calls are automatically on the safe list.

The system is currently available for 6.99 a month for an individual and 9.99 a month for a family plan and it works on Blackberry, Android and is coming later this year to both iPhone and Windows Phone 7 Mobile. There is a customizable option for business available. tXt Blocker is available at Best Buy through the tXt Blocker Website

Interview by Andy McCaskey of SDR News.

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