Parrot Dia Wireless Digital Picture Frame by NoDesign

The Dia wireless digital picture frame by NoDesign for Parrot takes digital picture frames to a new level. It’s genuinely stylish, drawing on the visual design of traditional light boxes, with the backlight separated from the LCD.

It has both Wifi and Bluetooth compatibility and the ubiquitous iPhone app to send pictures directly to the frame.

Coming later in 2011 for around $500 for the 10″ wireless version. Expensive, but you know you want one.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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3 thoughts on “Parrot Dia Wireless Digital Picture Frame by NoDesign

  1. I think this is for the person for whom style is of greater value…You’d expect to see it in Wallpaper magazine.

  2. For $500 wouldn’t you just buy a tablet of some description and run a slideshow off of that? The pad could be disguised with an attractive frame.

    Nice idea and the optics are pretty but it’s far too expensive for the size.

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