RCA Introduces Android TV

At CES 2011 RCA unveiled their version of Android TV – yes, a TV that runs not Google TV, but Android itself.  It’s not available yes, but it’s well into development  – far enough that they could show it off at their booth.  In fact, they are talking about a possible Fall 2011 release.  The big selling point for an Android TV is obviously apps.  That’s what everyone found so lacking in the recent Google TV rollout – the lack of any apps to allow users to customize the devices.

Internet connected TV’s, on their own, are becoming more and more common and have certainly come a long way since the first ones that featured Yahoo widgets only a few years ago.  Now with Android being ported to the big screen it could be a whole new step forward for the connected living room.

Interview by Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central.

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