ActionTec: MYWireless TV

Actiontec a maker of routers and modems for major internet providers including Qwest and Verizon is introducing a new consumer product called MyWirelessTV.  They are doing this together with their partner Cavium Networks.  This is a wireless adapter that allows you to push content from one room to another. It can travels about 150 feet and runs over the 5 giga hertz range, so there is little interference from other products. It can push up to 1080p60 HD TV and even 3D TV. The package cost $199.00 and contains both a receiver and transmitter. There is a HDMI input on both the transmitter and the receiver. On the receiver there is also a USB input this is for a back channel. which allows you to connect a keyboard and issues directions to the transmitting device. You can stream content from one transmitter to a single receiver or stream the same content from one transmitter to multiple receivers in various rooms. With this device you could have your Blu-Ray player in one room and stream the content to any other room in the house or even to an outdoor deck or pool. No longer is there a need to buy separate Blue-Ray players for each room. With this product there is very little latency and so you can move from one room to another and keep up with your latest sporting events. Actiontec is taking pre-orders now for the product and it should be available in Q2 or late Spring.

Interview by Jeffrey Powers of The Geekazine Podcast and Tom Newman of The Fogview Podcast.

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