GNC-2011-01-17 #640 Macbook Pro Webcam Sucks!

Left my cameras at home for the live recording, decided to use the Macbook Pro webcam.. Wow what a piece of crap that thing is. Interesting show tonight reflect on the challenges of post show CES! and soliciting ideas for next year. I have a great line up of content for you along with some serious questions on cloning for you to reply to.

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Hacking your TV!
Brainwave Detector for iPhone.

Show Notes:
Firefox keep the RSS Icon.
No Private Stock for Americans.
Amazon App Store Model (gag).
Have you seen the Android Man!
The Facts about Bottled Water ;)
Roku XDS unlocking USB Port.
SF Cord Cutter Meetup!
YouTube Live!
Wikileaks + Rich People Banking Info = Hire a body Guard.
Facebook Privacy Concerns Again!
Get Well Steve Jobs!
Smartphone search and seizure!
The 1000mph Car!
Superfast Broadband for small towns.
Redbook Kiosk rentals on the rise.
Future of Femtocells?
LTE Speed Truth in Japan!
Get your 10k from Apple!
Smart TV or Internet Connected TV?
Top 10 Powerful women in Silicon Valley!
Firefox 4 and Hardware Acceleration for Linux?
Wolly Mammoth Cloning.
Router and Switch Aging Issues.
Tunneling for Games.
What is wrong with our Society!
Airforce has a plan.
Sony Ericsson and Clear lawyer up.
All the Gā€™s
Car Theft by Antenna.
Booking Flight Challenges.
Apps to save Old Media.

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