Victorinox USB Swiss Army Knife

CES 2011 has been taking place this week in LAS Vegas, NV. This is the show where anybody who is anybody in consumer electronics is. That includes everyone from those who sell giant plasma TVs like Sony down to those who sell usb drives like Victorinox. At one time everyone carried a Swiss Army knife with them at all times. Now a days though because of airport security, you can’t carry one. This was hurting Victorinox the maker of Swiss Army knife business , so now they offer a USB Swiss Army knife.

The airport safe version has USB keys only, there is also one that comes with a blade, nail file, LED light, pen and scissor. Like any Victorinox product it is highly durable and waterproof. You can remove the drives from the knife and swap them out for a higher capacity drive. The USB drives can carry up to 64 GB and there is a Duo which carries up to 128GB. Victorinox is also introducing a SSD model, which has a dual USB/eSATA interface and an e-ink display with drive detail. It is expected there will be a 128GB and 256GB version at launch in March and a 512GB later in the year. It has 3x the speed of a standard USB drive. This means that later this year a device which is the size of a Swiss Army knife will have the same storage capability that my mac mini has. It offer secure data encryption and high read and write speed. It has dynamic power management and 32 bit high-speed processor. The USB version is available now, the SSD model should be available later this spring. I love the idea of this product, especially the SSD drive. It is amazing how something so small has so much storage capacity. I look forward to getting my hand on one.