Pogoplug Video

Here at GNC we’ve always been fans of Cloud Engines’ Pogoplug and at CES, they’ve unveiled the latest version, the Pogoplug Video, which adds video streaming to your personal cloud.

If you aren’t familiar with the Pogoplug, it’s a small gadget which you put on your network connected into your router. You then plug in a USB harddrive (or two) into the Pogoplug.  Not only does the harddrive then become a shared drive at home, you can access your files from your work PC, your smartphone, your friend’s house via a web browser and a secure connection through the Pogoplug servers.

This latest interation of the Pogoplugs provides everything that the previous ones did such as file sharing to mobile devices, but also offers streaming of HD video to web browsers and mobile devices, such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Palm.

“Pogoplug Video is the breakthrough product that many of our end users have requested.” said Daniel Putterman, our co-founder and CEO. “Now you can become your own personal broadcaster and share and stream personal video without uploading it to a website.”

Games consoles as the Xbox 360 and the PS3 are also supported.  The blurb doesn’t say if it’s DLNA-compatible or not but it would be great if it was. Update – it’s UPnP-compatible.  The product sheet for the Pogoplug Video is here.

Another great feature is that you can print to your home printer while you are “on the road”, as long as the printer is on the same network as the Pogoplug. Very handy.

For many people, this is one of few gadgets that they didn’t know they needed, but now they have one, they couldn’t live without it.  Pre-ordering will start from March with deliveries in April. $199.