Kodak Pulse Upgraded For The Social Family

The Kodak Pulse digital photo frame has become very popular with geographically distant families through its ability to receive photographs via its own email address and Facebook.  This allows the latest pictures of granddaughter to be quickly sent to grandparents for instant display and appreciation.  As the Pulse is wireless and has a touch screen it’s also really easy to use anywhere in the home.


The latest iteration of both the 7″ and 10″ versions now come with a “Quick Comment” button that lets the viewer send a short message back to the sender. From the press release, it appears that the comments are pre-defined and they sound a bit cheesy with things like, “Such a Kodak moment” and “Wish I was there!” but it’s not clear if the user can re-define them to something more natural.  Let’s hope they can.

“It’s now even more fun to share pictures using your Kodak Pulse Digital Frame with new features like Quick Comment that give you a two-way connection to family and friends. Now, you can let your friends know what you think of the pictures they send you right away from your frame,” said Phil Scott, Vice President of Marketing, Digital Capture and Devices, Kodak. “With the enhanced sharing and social networking features of the Pulse Frame, Kodak is making it simple and fun to stay connected and celebrate and relive life’s moments.”

The frames now have a motion sensor so that pictures are only displayed when there are people around, thus saving energy.  Taking a cue from the music players, a photo playlist can also be created for your favourite pictures or say, particular holidays or events.

If you are interested, you can learn more on the Kodak Pulse website.  Available from April from all major retailers and www.kodak.com. 7″ version @ $129, 10″ version @ $199.