Joos Portable Solar Power

You are outside at a park or a camping ground and you need to charge your portable device, however there is no power source around, wouldn’t it be nice if you could use solar power to charge the device, Joos took that idea and made it a reality

Joos Orange Personal Solar Charger is a winner of CES 2011 Best of Innovations Award for the CES International trade show in Eco-Design and Sustainable Technology Category. Joos is a portable solar power charger for mobile devices. It is about the size of a paperback and weighs 24 ounces. It allows you to recharge up to 4 smart phones at one time on a single charge. Joos charges even in low light situation like cloudy weather, the shadow and even light rain. It is durable and waterproof. It charges at least 3.5x faster then comparable products. It can charge everything from phones, digital and video camera, GPS units, portable gaming devices and more. One hour of sun equals 2 hours of talk time. You can capture solar energy and charge your device immediately or store the energy in an on-board battery. If there is no sun, you can charge the Joos from your computer using a USB cable. It uses a mono-crystalline solar cell with silicon nitride, ant-reflective coating (125x125mm, 2.6W max). The solar cells connected in parallel provides power when shaded. There is a replaceable lithium-ion polymer batter. It takes 12 hours of sunlight to charge the device, eight hours through the USB cable. It has a minimum operating temperature minimum is (-4 degrees F) and is safe to use at very high altitudes.

This is a great to charge a device if you are outside and there is no power source available. Its light and easy to carry and not too expensive at $99.00. It is available to be purchased now at an introductory price of $99.00