Casio Bluetooth Watch of the Future

You have a smart phone in your pocket and it starts to ring in the middle of an important meeting, you fumble to find it and turn off, you are totally embarrassed. Everyone has gone through a situation like this at least once in their life, wouldn’t it be nice if you could simply tap on your watch and stop the ringing. That is one of the situation that the new Casio watch has been developed to deal with.

This Casio watch has been developed using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology a technology which allows the watch to communicate with any smartphone and in the future other devices that also have the BLE technology installed. The BLE technology is special because it uses no more power then a normal watch battery would use. You can wear the watch daily for 12 hours for up to 2 years without requiring a recharge. The watch can be used to signal the user of incoming messages and calls. You will be able to activate your smartphone alarm and vibration through the watch. When your smartphone alarm goes off or it vibrates you can stop both by simply tapping on the watch. Need the correct time, you can always keep the watch accurate by communicating with the time on the smartphone. It also has its own stop watch and timer feature. It can also keep track of the time in various cities around the world, has a fully functioning calendar, has both 24 and 12 hour format and a sleep mode.

Casio expects to produce the first BLE enable watch in 2011. The watch to smartphone connection is expected to be  just the first application. The same technology maybe used in the future to connect watches to other devices including those used in sports, security, home entertainment among others. If you are at CES, Casio will have a protype of the watch at their booth #11006 from January 6-9, 2011.