or Memolane: Two Ways to Save Your Online Life

Do you ever have that moment when you remembered something you tweeted or posted to Facebook. It had a link in it that you really need, but it was a week ago and there is no way you are going to find it. When did you take that last trip to France was it in November or was it December? These are some of the questions that two new web applications are attempting to help you answer, they are and Memolane. Both do similar things they capture the post that you send out to various social network that have links in them and saves them for you. Although they are similar they do capture from different social networks and look different. is the simpler of the two. It pulls in from three networks Delicious Twitter and Facebook. Anytime you tweet or retweet or favor something with a link in it automatically saves it for you. The same with Facebook post that have links in them. If you use Delicious you can import your bookmarks into, any new ones will automatically be saved. You have the option of making your account either public or private. If you make it public all information is public even if it comes from a private twitter account. The information is divided by the date of the post and is searchable. There is a bookmarklet you can add which allows you to save a link from any network.  also lets  you know how many other people posted the same link you did. You can also set up Trunk.y as a search engine in Google Chrome. Once you set up there is nothing more you need to do, everything is automatic.

Memolane pulls information from more sites, it  captures not only from Twitter and Facebook, it also captures from: FlickrLast.FM, Foursquare, TripitYouTube and Picasa. You can also add a specific RSS feed if you want. The one site that Memolane doesn’t pull from is Delicious. Memolane unlike Trunk.y pulls in all of your tweets and Facebook post, whether they have a link or not. Memolane is also divided by date, but run horizontally, where as runs vertically. Both accounts allows you to connect with friends who have accounts and see their post. At this time Memolane is by invite only and you have to register to get one. It took me a couple days to get my invite after I applied. Memolane also allows you to create a story out of your timeline and you can have your friends add to it.

Both applications are new and are still being developed and getting out the kinks that always occur when you are building a new applicaton. Neither has determined how they will finance their sites. Memolane appears to be looking toward creating professional accounts for businesses as a way to finance Memolane, but no official decision has been made (from Scobleizer) I couldn’t find information on how is going to finance their site. I have only been on both sites for less then a week, so I haven’t decided which I like better. I do like what both are doing and it is definitely a service that is needed.

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