Bing Continues Slow Climb In Marketshare

There’s good news for Microsoft in the latest comScore report on browser usage.  The report, released today, shows Bing has made a decent gain in market share from October to November, while both Google and Yahoo had a very small decline.  Although, one could argue about the Yahoo part since they are part of Bing now – I don’t know how comScore is dividing those.

As you can see Bing rose 0.3% from October until November, which may not seem like a lot, but in this market it’s actually a pretty big deal.  It’s also the highest market share Bing has yet achieved.  Both Google and Yahoo dropped 0.1% as did Ask, which continues to try and find an identity for itself.  AOL remained the same.

So what does this mean?  Probably not a whole lot.  After all, Google isn’t going anywhere and they are continuing to innovate.  The surprising thing to me is that their most recent innovations – like Instant – seem to have not paid off so well according to these numbers.  It’s quickly becoming a 2 horse race between Bing and Google, but I think that Microsoft will be happy with a solid second in this market.