Lazyscope Review

This is a review of the application Lazyscope which was release as a beta recently. There are a couple of things that I hope they fix or add in the future. The first is they need to add Facebook any more that is a must for any social media application. Something tells me that this is in their future. It is an air application, which makes it a nonstarter for a lot of people and also limit it to the desktop. Finally my biggest complaint so far is that when you close and reopen the application the feeds you added are gone and you have to add them again. This is something they definitely have to fix before going publc. If you are not afraid to try a beta application and don’t mind a few hiccups I would recommend trying this application. Below is some screen captures on how it works.

Lazyscope Overview


This is how LazyScope looks like when you first open it. Your twitter account information on the left hand side, in the middle are the updates and on the right hand side is where the stories open up, when you click on them.

Subscribing to Feed


If you pull up a story from a Web site and you want to follow that Web site rss feed, you simply click on subscribe. Now when that web site updates it will show in your stream along with the incoming tweets. You can also add feeds manually by clicking on the top plus button and just add the url.

Reading Feeds


If you just want to see a particular rss feed update you just click on it. Then you will just see the updates from that feed.

Viewing Content


To open up a story in the right panel just click on the arrow within the update. If you want to close down the right panel just click on the arrow on the far right

Posting Content.


There are two ways to post with Lazyscope, the first is to hit the post button and it will post with no credit to the original poster. The second way is to hit the repost button within the update and that will give credit to the original poster.