Happy Thanksgiving

Having traveled all over the world over the past 30 years has given me some perspective on being thankful. Those of us that live in America are afforded opportunities that while not 100% unique are such that any person with a lot of hard work can succeed and make something out of nothing. As I reflect on my travels I know that their are millions of people today, that have no idea where their next meal is coming from or where they will sleep tonight.

Having seen the slums of the Philippines, poverty of Pakistan and conditions in Afghanistan, I can tell you without blinking and eye that their are very few place like the place I call home. So as you sit down today to celebrate Thanks Giving please give some thoughts to those in need. While the United States and it’s people are suffering financially, I can tell you we are still 1000% better off than some of the places I have visited.

In May I was able to visit Dearborn Michigan and spend some time at the Ford Motor company, after that visit I drove into downtown Detroit to look around. What prompted this was a program on 20/20 that depicted near third world conditions in some parts of Detroit. What I saw shocked me to the core and prompted me to change how I contributed money to charity organizations. In the past I donated largely to charity programs outside of the United States, this was based on my experiences in seeing outright poverty in many third world countries. I never expected to see third world conditions within my own country. I started making monthly contributions to charity organizations that help those in need.

In December I will be donating the funds raised during my 24 hour podcast to a charity that helps families and kids in need. I ask the family of readers and listeners to help me find a needy charity that meets those objectives. While we have all had to tighten our belts, I hope that each of you will consider donating food and cash not only around the holidays but throughout the rest of the year to your local food pantry or church that help the needy.

Have a thankful, Thanks Giving!

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