Jukebox on the Run!

Wires, wires, everywhere.  If I want to watch a DVD on my laptop and not use headphones (I get tired of wearing them all the time, and the cable is always between me and my keyboard), I have to plug in an audio cable and run it to whatever sound output device I have available (in the bedroom, it’s the cute little amazing-sounding iPod dock by Philips).  I have a laptop on my lap, a wire running over my legs and over to the output device, and I can enjoy my movie with decent sound.

It would be so nice to get rid of that audio cable!  And from Jawbone, makers of some of the best blue-tooth headset devices on the market, comes Jambox, a handy, blue-tooth-enabled, battery-powered speaker with the sound of the big boys.  The speaker is no bigger than your hand, comes in four colors (including fire-engine red), recharges through USB, and provides an audio spectrum almost as wide as the human ear.  The device can also be used as a speakerphone and will work with any device that is blue-tooth enabled, including cell phones, MP3 players, iPod Touch, and laptops.

The device goes on sale November 16th and will be available through Apple and Best buy, retailing at about $200.  I’m putting this one on my geeky Christmas list!