GNC-2010-10-29 #622 Feel Like a Ping Pong Ball :)

Just a couple of more days here in Hawaii before I start my extended road trip. Just as my body is getting back on schedule gonna throw it into Jet Lag again. Lots to share tonight, plus a special offer.. Big thank you to all of our Sponsors for supporting the show in October, hope you have had a chance to show your appreciation by trying or buying one of their products or services. Lots in the Tech hopper tonight along with your favorite geek acting like a rookie.

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Verizon FIOS Field Trial
Limewire RIP
Foursquare Astronaut Badge.
Android Accessibility?

Show Links:
Flash to HTML5 Tool.
Discovery Team arrives at Cape.
Roku – Netgear Announced.
Watch a Rover get Built.
Electric Car goes 375 Miles at 55mph.
Record Audio and Video within Browser.
Adobe Flash Bug.
Register Blog with DMCA.
Cord Cutter Impacting Comcast.
University of Honolulu Security Breach.
Progress to ISS.
P2P on The Social Network.
Pirate gets $41.40 Fine.
Limewire Replacements.
Mark Cuban on Age and Media Consumption.
Verizon Mobile Plans Pricing Change.
Pacemaker size of Penny.
$25.00 LED Light Bulb.
Microsoft brings in the Cash.
Macbook Air and TSA.
Gimmic Alarm Clock.
Mars Rover Update.
Turntable RIP.
Nintendo first loss in 7 years.
Gmail Mobile looks like an App.
Ultimate Router Battle.
Macbook Air Complaints.
YouTube Hurley steps down.
iPad on sale at Verizon.
Did the Chinese steal this as well?
100 mbps only $75.00
Classic Mario for the Wii.

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