Buffalo Adds To AirStation Wireless-N Range

Buffalo Technology has added three new wireless-n (802.11n) products to its AirStation range, including the N-Technology USB 2.0 Adapter, N-Technology 150Mbps router and the Nfiniti Dual-Band Wireless-N Ethernet Converter.

Starting with the AirStation N-Technology USB2 adapter, this is the smallest wireless-n adaptor I’ve seen – it’s more like the little Bluetooth or wireless mouse transmitters – but still manages 150 Mb/s.  It would be perfect if you’ve already got a laptop that only has 11g wi-fi and you want to upgrade.  At just £19.99, it’s a bargain!

And if you want to upgrade your whole wireless network, then you’ll need to take a look at the complementary router, the AirStation N-Technology 150 Mb/s router (RRP £29.99).  Finished in fashionable white, it draws design cues from the Link- and DriveStation range.  There are four 100 Mb/s LAN ethernet ports round the back for hard-wiring.  There’s a further single port for the WAN so note that this is a pure router – there is no modem; ADSL, cable or otherwise.  DHCP, NAT and SPI firewall features are built-in.

Finally, for those devices that have ethernet ports but don’t have wireless-n, then check out the Nfiniti Dual-Band Wireless-N Ethernet Converter. This plugs straight into a power socket and incorporates two ethernet ports for connections to games consoles, DVRs, Blu-ray players and so on.  Unlike the other devices, this converter can transfer data at 300 Mb/s and given that it’s likely to be used for streaming media, this is a good thing.  You’ll be able to pick this up for £39.99.

All the devices above use Buffalo’s AOSS (AirStation One Touch Secure System) which simplifies the process of wirelessly connecting them together.

With luck, GNC will be able to bring you a hands-on review of these in the next few weeks.

Buffalo have also released an application called “WebAccess i” for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that allows owners of the Tera- and LinkStation NAS devices to download and upload files across the internet.  It’s available from the iTunes store.  (I’m told that it’s “really cool”, but I haven’t yet been able to test it.)