GNC-2010-10-21 #620 Not Firing on all Cylinders

Dealing with some ailment and not firing on all cylinders here. Almost dumped this one in the trashcan so it is, what it is..

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Language Skills.
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WD 3 TB Drive
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Windows 7 Birthday.
First 100% Robot Surgery.
Kids Blogging.
Target Facebook Printing.
Google Tax Havens.
Hulu Price Cut.
Netflix Streaming outage.
Netflix a Streaming Company.
Blow Up Photography Studio.
Netflix using 20% of Bandwidth.
Volume Stabilizer.
Gefen TV
Scammers P2P Scam Winners
Google and Stanford.
Shuttle Trouble.
Android and Winamp.
Random Audio and Browsers.
Networks versus Google TV.
Macbook Air Teardown.
Righthaven Fair Use.
Social Media Sifters.
One Way Haul to Mars.
Pirate Bay in Space.
Australia Inspecting Computers.
AP wants to be ASCAP of News.
Macbook Air CPU.

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