Three Announces Pay Per Day for 3G

Three LogoUK-based mobile telco, Three, today announced a new pay-per-day mobile data option.  For only £2 ($3), you get a day’s worth of internet access with a limit of 500MB.  There’s no monthly commitment.

Three’s Director of Mobile Broadband, Joe Parker, said: “Three’s Pay Per Day deal is the ideal proposition for business travellers, iPad owners and students who have a fixed broadband connection at home but also want the flexibility of being able to snack on mobile broadband whilst away from their home.”

I fully agree with him.  Most of the time, I have access to wi-fi at home, at work or at client sites.  However, there have been a couple of times when I needed 3G access on my laptop for a few hours but I wasn’t going to pay the £10 ($15) for 1GB of data that expires after 30 days.  This would have been perfect and I’m sure other carriers will follow suit.

I’m already Three customer, but if I wasn’t, I’d switch just for this.

Update: Three has confirmed that the “day” finishes at midnight on the day after the purchase is made, so if you timed it right you could actually get nearly 48 hours out of your “day”.