GNC-2010-09-10 #609 Morning Tech Show to Launch!

The Morning Tech Show launches on Saturday with guest Rob Greenlee, Podcast Director at Zune & Andy McCaskey of SDR News. We will start at 9am Pacific, 12pm Eastern for a variety of topics, some surrounding tech and other topics of interest. Join me here at We will have a variety of guest on week to week.

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Insider / Ohana Links:
iRig Iphone Guitar Interface.
Miners get Fiber.
Tractor Beams!
IE9 UI Video (Leaked)

The Geek’s Show Links:
Listener Science Feed.
Listener Tech Feed.
Listener Website Feed.
Scoble reveals sons diagnosis.
Google Instant an SEO.
Twitter Comments on Google Instant.
Don Dodge on Google Instant.
Playstation at 15.
AT&T tries new ploy on Net Neturality.
TSA has lost their minds.
Brain Scans for Kids.
Apple gets jacked by FTC?
Adobe back on Apple Devices?
Did Apple Blink?
Bird + Target + iPod = Disaster
Boxee has new Browser.
Intel CEO spills some beans on Google TV.
Need to unrar a rar?
Justin Bieber has Server bank dedicated to him.
BitTorrent Apps.
8 Web Annotation Tools.
Amazon Micro Instances.
Jupiter gets Wacked Hard.
Discovery to Pad for Last Flight!
NASA Rover Opportunity Update.
New GoDaddy Codes. rip off on Bandwidth.
Seesmic Aggregator.
Facebook Like Enhanced.
More Security Breaches.
Patch Tuesday.
Email Worm.

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