Godaddy Marketplace

Over the past couple of months I have been exploring putting up a shopping cart to sell some unique items for the show. There are a 100 different sites that have a 100 different features but what I found was that most where simply to expensive, or reminded me of some of those old school shopping carts seen in the mid 90’s.

When I went over to look at the GoDaddy Marketplace, it was just what I was looking for easy to configure, easy to add products, no monthly re-occurring feed etc. I did not want to have to spend a 100 hours setting something up and what I found was setting the store up was pretty easy. We are waiting final go ahead from the partners we are working with to make it live but, this I could not be more pleased with the process.

When the site is up and live I will update this article and give you all a heads up on how the entire transaction process goes. If you want to see Godaddy apparel in the market place check out the provided link.

Note: While GoDaddy is a sponsor of my show, I do not make any money of any sales from the above, except my own site when it goes live. For savings on other products at be sure to check out all my Promo Codes.

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