HP Brings 3D To Laptop Line-Up

Today, HP announced its autumn line-up of notebooks, with the HP Envy 17 3D taking the flagship role as the first 17″ laptop to support 1080p 3-D and Blu-ray.

The Envy 17 3D comes with active shutter glasses which wirelessly sync with the HD display giving a full 3D experience when viewing films or playing games that are “3D”.

Under the hood, it’s Intel quad core processors coupled with ATI Mobility Radeon graphics giving smooth Blu-ray playback and the cinematic experience is completed by Beats audio and a triple bass reflex sub-woofer.

Available for the holiday season and pricing not yet set.

Moving on to the HP Envy 14 Beats Edition, this is the one for the audiophiles.  Featuring Beats Audio,  a high-tech audio system developed by HP and Beats by Dr. Dre to deliver the best possible audio sound experience when listening through headphones or external speakers.

Inside, Intel i5 quad core CPUs do the heavy-lifting, complemented with 4GB RAM and Radeon HD5650 graphics.

The notebook itself comes in aluminium soft-touch finish, with the distinctive Beats black and red logo on the lid.  In a refreshing change from the usual blue back-lit keyboards, the Envy 14 comes with red back-light. Nice.

To top-off the package, each Beats Edition notebook comes with a set of Beats Solo headphones from Monster.  Very nice.

If I was in the market for a new notebook, I’d definitely be giving the Envy 14 consideration for its audio capabilities.  Who am I kidding? I just want one because it looks cool.

The full spec is available on HP’s website and the Envy 14 Beats Edition is available now starting at $1250 (less a penny).

To round-off the multimedia extravaganza, the HP Wireless TV Connect will wirelessly stream full HD content from any HDMI-equipped laptop to an HDTV. The sender unit is powered via USB from the laptop, so there’s no need for additional power but obviously, it will drain the battery laptop faster.

Although apparently aimed at the consumer market, I can see this being a hit in the business presentation market where big screen HDTVs are replacing the traditional data projector.  Available from October starting at $199.