Tree Hotel Mirrorcube

Continuing the series of insane hotels, I offer the Mirrorcube at the Tree Hotel, Harads, Sweden.  It’s a 4m by 4m by 4m aluminium cube covered in mirrored glass hung round a tree trunk.  Once it’s in place, it simply disappears into the forest.  The panoramic views from the windows must be absolutely stunning.

Designed by Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, the cube is a treehouse for two people, with room for a kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom and roof terrace.  None of the pictures show how you actually get into the cube but rope ladders and bridges are mentioned in the blurb.

In case you are wondering about birds flying into the cube, apparently the glass is coated in an ultraviolet colour which is invisible to us but visible to birds.

A must for all Predators taking a short break on Earth.