GNC-2010-08-17 #602 AT&T or Verizon Challenge.

Will you make the commitment today to leave AT&T if Verizon get’s the iPhone. Two show appearance here in Hawaii and then 2 shows on the East Coast. I am once again on the move which will ultimately end up being a very busy August. If you have been following on Twitter you know I have been waiting for the next shoe to drop.. Tech news and more on the show!

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Insider / Ohana Links:
New School Policy Set on Laptop Spying.
Nets to capture space junk.
e-book Partnership in Japan.
Roll up Laptop Video.
Rich Buchanan RIP.

The Geek’s Show Links:
Just Change your Name.
Verizon and Fiber Speeds.
Vending Machine for Pharmacy Drugs.
iPod Stops Japanese Trains for 8 Minutes.
Fingerprints reveal pin!
xbox 360 Jailbreak.
Cool Music Sites.
Automated Web Template Builder.
Long Tail Content.
Lady Criminals get Creative.
Way to catch Piegons.
Brain Simulation by 2020.
Space Junk Collector.
10 Dangerous Web Actions.
Apple TV what do you think?
Android Users are Data Pigs!
Video 101.
Apple Manager in Slammer.
Geek Squad ask for trouble.
Facebook Dislike Scam!
Slideshare pro.
Your Brain net Disconnected.
ISS Mission Accomplished.
Do you save Energy really?
Apple iAd = Apple Store
Geeks protest Like Geeks!
Windows Home Server to Support Mac’s.
Take the AT&T / Verizon Challenge.
Sony Dash Update.
Google & Verizon told to Pack Sand!
Network Solutions Infects 5 Million sites!
You will like the Cartoons.
Insanity of Music Licensing.

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