Tricaster TCXD850 Coming to Geek News Central

Any of you that have watched my show know, that when I am in Hawaii that I use a Tricaster Studio. The Tricaster Studio has really allowed me to take the show in directions, that was not even feasible a few years ago. Newtek is introducing the Tricaster TCXD850 this coming week, which is a completely new animal with so much power and features I go into a cold sweat thinking about it. While it is a 100% HD/SD machines we will be moving the studio to HD throughout the rest of the year, as the upgrade is not cheap.

The Tricaster TCXD850 is going to allow me to do a number of things, that I would not have been able to do with the system I own now. The Specs below are provided by the folks over at Newtek. Now all I have to do is wait as It will be several weeks before I get my new Tricaster shipped to me.

TriCaster TCXD850 accepts video in all common video formats and sources, including HD-SDI, SDI, component, Y/C, or composite.

  • 22-channel switcher with eight HD-SDI or analog inputs, two DDRs, two network inputs, titles, stills and eight virtual/mix channels
  • Five digital Media Players for video playback, titles, stills, music and sound
  • Overlay with rotation, positioning and scaling in 3D plus animated effects
  • Two network inputs deliver graphics from LiveText, presentations from a PC or Mac® using iVGA or other computer sources to the switcher or overlay channels
  • Simultaneously monitor all switcher inputs at full field-rate and verify signal integrity with color Waveform/Vectorscopes
  • Use any combination of either embedded digital, AES or the 16 balanced analog XLR audio inputs to bring in microphones, stereo or quad line level sources
  • Audio mixing capabilities with audio follows video support and auxiliary routing to integrate into an external audio setup
  • HDMI and VGA program outputs for projector (IMAG) or other monitoring applications
  • 36 hours of 1080i recording capacity that can be extended by using the three removable drive bays
  • Three video output rows provide flexible simultaneous HD and SD video output
  • Durable rack mount 4U case with redundant power supply

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