Easy iPhone 4 Antenna Fix

Inexpensive iPhone 4 Scotch Tape Antenna FixThere have been numerous reports that the newly-released Apple iPhone 4 is having some antenna issues. The metal ring that forms the outside edge of the phone can essentially short out due to the conductivity of human skin when it’s held in the wrong way.

One of my podcast listeners forwarded me this link to an item on MacDailyNews that details the problem, and details a very inexpensive, unobtrusive fix. Apparently all that’s needed is a tiny piece of  plastic or “scotch” tape applied to the right place and that’s enough to eliminate the issue.

7 thoughts on “Easy iPhone 4 Antenna Fix

  1. Gee… what advanced technology this Apple gadget is. The scotch tape fix. Priceless.

  2. “Yeah, I just got a $300 iPhone 4 and thanks to everyone at Apple being right handed, I have to fix their engineering flaw with a $0.001 piece of tape. I’ll let you know about the residue it leaves….Hello?…..HELLO?”

  3. Seems the best solution would be to return the piece of crap and buy a real phone from a real cell phone company.

  4. I still prefer Sprint or Verizon For Better Reliability And Signal Strength.

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