The Sandpit

The Sandpit

I found this utterly fascinating.  It’s a five minute study of “a day in the life of New York, in miniature” and it’s just that.  The director, Sam O’Hare has combined time-lapse photography and a tilt-shift lens (whatever that is!) to produce an effect akin to toy models scurrying around a miniature city.  Look out for the helicopters and the diggers.  There’s a bit more information on how he did it here.

The soundtrack complements the film as well – it’s by Human – and was commissioned for the project.

Beyond the tricks, I loved the short film for the picture of urban life – the pair doing tai chi beneath the underpass, the baseball games by the freeway, the pigeon avoiding the pedestrians, the slop bucket thrown on the road.  Brilliant.

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  1. Tilt-shift lens is an effect that makes a seen look miniature because of the dramatic change of focus along the horizontal.

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