GNC-2010-06-04 #581 I Flat out Go Off on AT&T!

Are you as mad as I am over the latest AT&T announcement I get on the GNC Soapbox and stay there for a bit. Last show in Hawaii for two weeks, I head out to Texas and NY over the next 4 shows. Join me live at more civilized times. Listen to show for details. Looking for some feedback on the Insider Video on how you liked it..

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Nuke for Oil Leak off the Table.
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AT&T King of 3G (whatever).
Tax to Save Newspapers.
Police do not want to be Filmed?
Border Guards can take your Laptop.
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Product Placement Questions.
Google Biggest Looser?
Stinky Helmets.
Zoom H1 $99.00.
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Sony Betamax and what’s Left.
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