GNC-2010-04-16 #567 Rare Friday Show Back in Action

Big apologies for not making my normal schedule, all is explained in the show. We are extending the Ring Central giveaway submit why you want the prize!, You have a chance to win a Roku in tonight’s show. Important I will be including a link to download and vote on the Geek News Central iPhone application in the show notes do not miss that. We have had a huge response to our announcement about the Roku and Boxee channels more in the show.

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Does AT&T really have a network issue?
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Can’t beat em, Spy on em.
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Frontier introduces Radical ISP Pricing!
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STS-131 Wraps Up.
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Earth Pic.
4g for your iPad.
Porn Trojan Posts your Web History?
iPad + TV = Apple TV Worthless!
Pouch for your iPad.

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