Apple and Google have lost that lovin’ feeling

It was a perfect relationship to start. The sharing of information, mutually beneficial partnerships, an alliance against the Dark Force of Microsoft. What a perfect marriage. Apple and Google. Google loved Apple products and Apple loved Googles information. That lovin’ feeling was oh so strong. And then something happened.

Google announces they are building an phone operating system (Android). Then Google announces the development of a desktop operating system. In a marriage that is like going from a single checkbook to independent checkbooks. How long before trust became an issue in this marriage? Not long. Soon anti-trust allegations of Google and Apple being too familiar in the corporate world were surfacing. Separation seemed an unavoidable possibility that soon became reality. Google’s CEO moved out of the board room at Apple. Trust is so important in a relationship. Evidently as friendly as these companies seemed to be, they were keeping many secrets from each other.

Right on the heals of the separation comes the new that Apple is rejecting Googles Latitude application from the iPhone because it infringed on Apple’s default program Maps. Isn’t Maps driven from Google’s database? We thought so, but perhaps not for long. You see the most recent sign that the divorce is inevitable came today. Apple has purchased Google’s lesser known mapping competitor Placebase.

Well, my timeline and details may not be exact but the rumors and stories of movie stars never are. This is feeling like a sad rerun of “John & Kate Plus Eight”. How long until Apple cuts Google out of the show? Indeed that lovin’ feeling is gone, gone, gone, oh oh ohhhhh.