GNC-2009-07-20 #495 Do you Like Math?

Do you like math do you live math, i have a request of the Ohana today to help your geek pick something out. Details in the show. Lots of tech today, rare daytime recording enjoy the podcast and be sure to check out the other shows at

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Listener Links:
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A 2010 space odyssey beckons
Where is the Plunger on ISS
Sprint does not itemize text messgaes
World roll playing game.

Show Topic Notes:
TwitCam versus CamTweet
Qwest Upgrades DSL Offering
Eye Telescope amazing medical techology!
TweetMe way Cool!
In flight Wifi Tips
Digg Diggs a Deeper Hole for itself!
Airforce says Ares 1 escape system unsafe!
Apple has lost there minds!
ISS Spacewalk #2
Apple supposed to have Record Quarter!
Microsoft heads off EU Antitrust makes Browser change!
How hacker got access to Twitter via Hotmail
iPhone App approval process in meltdown!
Space Memories past 40 years!
Google Voice to compete with Skype?
Rejected Papers get new voice online!
Japanese Kibo just more gear!
LRO takes picture of Apollo 11 landing site!
Google Moon is live!
Why Japanese Phones are not in the United States!
The ever bigger AT&T iPhone Mess!
Is Internet Business DOA?
Mac Office 2008 SP2
Apple Loves Moms!
RIAA says DRM is Dead!
Online Meeting Schedulers Review.
10 Stats about Twitter.
Real Password Issues.
Data Says were going Mobile!
T-Mobile Going Socials? What For?
The Real cost of the Cloud!
Time Warp and S3 Backups
Kazaa goes Legit
New Apollo 11 Images!
AT&T Loosing Voice mail
Can the Pre Grow Up?
Why you need to Lie to be Secure Online.
256gb USB Drive
Get a cheap notebook!
Toshiba Wifi Picture Frame Integrated with other Services!
Blackberry desktop for Mac soon!
IE8 growth chart

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