Sony Says “Oops”. We Say “Duh”.

Quote of the day. “If we had gone with open technology from the start, I think we probably would have beaten Apple” – Sir Howard Stringer – Sony CEO.  Thanks to Engadget!

Uh, ok, well, maybe, probably not, but it is good to hear you admit a mistake and embrace the idea of open standards. Is this the “come clean” by the new CEO, or the obvious, obligatory speech admitting failure and pledging future success?  Either way Sony is in trouble. It is a high profile, sinking profit tech player in a tough economy. It was wrong about audio formats, it was wrong on whether gamers wanted HD or motion sensitivity in a game station, it was wrong about the ability of it’s brand name to simply sell products, it was wrong about. . . shall I go on?

tapeI so long for the days of Sony being innovative. My first tape Walkman back in 1988 was so incredibly cool. They were the iPod of the day. If any company should be able to compete with Apple in the PMP market it could be Sony. Why doesn’t Sony produce a PMP based off of the Android Open Source platform? Embrace open source like you should have embraced the open standards. Take your time and reinvest in your R&D department.  Hire people who think differently.  My ears are waiting.