GNC-2009-03-27 #463 Live from Colombus Ohio

Only took me three tries to get this one in the can. Very late midnight recording but we had a lot of fun. Plenty of people on ustream as well kept me company in the late night hours. Watch for the live streams this weekend from our retreat weekend.

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Show Notes:
Go ahead follow that GPS off a Cliff

Coal = Gasoline = Big Holes
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Will the Dollar Remain King?
Solar Sales Up!
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Parents Take Note!
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Skype for iPhone Soon
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7 inch USB Monitors
Friends don’t let Friends buy iPhones
Adsense Tips
Facebook Needs more Money
Windows 7 RC in May
Google Webmaster Tools
Variable iTunes Pricing
Apple Ap Refund Policy Bad
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Pirate Bay to roll out paid VPN services
Skype Handles 8% of International Phone Calls
Internet Archive Massive
Supenova Puzzles Scientist

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