GNC-2009-03-03 #456 Live from Okinawa Japan

Started the show pretty late here. Short show tonight hope that you enjoy. I am doing much better after hurting my back just a week ago which is a relief as there was some pretty painful days here.

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Show Notes:
Apple Performance Fraud?
Re-Wire the Brain
RIAA gets Boot in Court case
Google Twitter Search
Cellphone Usage Worldwide at 60%
Tweet a Watt
Apple Rumors
Nokia Phone in Bag of Chips
Pirate Bay Closing Arguments
Apple Secret Box
Amazon Kindle 2 Review
Foreign Language Translation
TV on Net Only if you Pay
Vue Personal Video
Arrington is Back
Chinese crash Lunar Orbter
Woman Sues over 5k data Bill
Pirate Radio in your Area?
Joomla versus WordPress
Paypal 81.4 Billion on Debit Card

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