Unobtrusive Watch

I want a new watch. I don’t need one with an iPod embedded or Bluetooth capability. I don’t want a calculator watch (1980’s geek status symbol). I don’t want to watch videos on it. I don’t need it to wake me in the morning or remind me to bring home some milk. I just want a watch that does not get in my way or feel weird on my wrist. If you don’t know what I mean then maybe it is just me. But when I am typing on the keyboard my watch, admittedly a bulky one, hangs & bumps every part of the laptop. It just feels awkward. Even when I am sitting around I take off the thing just to be “free”. The only time it does not bother me is while working partly because I need it then for timing & I am in a hurry to get done. I have tried the watch that hangs on a belt loop like a rock climbing clip but I don’t like having to look down at it and move it to where I can see it. Likewise I don’t like things hanging around my neck so that type watch won’t work for me either. Some of you are saying, “who needs a watch when everyone has cell phone with the time?” I get that and used to think that way but it is the same thing as the clip watch. You have to dig in your pocket to get to it. With a wrist watch it is the fastest way to get the info so it is the best design.

I think I have the prototype of what will work and maybe there is a watch like this out there somewhere. I wear a yellow “Live Strong” bracelet and it does not bother me at all even when typing. So a watch embedded in that type bracelet with a slicker finish is what I need. If you know of one I will gladly accept it as a gift