GNC-2008-10-03 #413 Off on Vacation After Show

Ok folks I leave for a one week vacation tonight Your host will be Mike and Michael be nice to them and keep the show comments rolling in as I will forward them the listener mail.

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Show Notes:
Windows Cloud
Virgin Spaceship to Collect Climate data
Skype No Security With Chinese
Airport X-Ray Art
Apple ask for dismissal of Psystar Claim
Slacker Uprising and BitTorrent debacle
Innovative Robbery
Green Google
Nice ISS Image
Hitachi Wireless HD Camera
Zune Media Player on Windows Mobile +Podcast
Android App Store Weird Policy
Your Implant Can now Call Home
Did someone say Commercial Space Lift
Dell Mini running OS X
QIK on Nokia 5800
Have a extra 25 Million Laying Around
Free Computer Teleprompter
Google Search to find Scammers
The Pirate Bay Founders
Music Royalty Rates
7 Tech Trackers

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