Coffee Shop Without Wifi? Perish the Thought!

When I am stuck, in a funk or whatever, I pack up my laptop and head for the nearest Wifi. spot. In this case, it’s a coffee shop about 2 blocks away. The coffee is not that great but it can be with a little shot of espresso….

I also have a Panera Bread close by. A little farther I can go to 2 different bars and even more places where I can sit and work. Beer and Blogging – my favorites.

Every now and then I look up and see who else is sitting here and what they are doing. Reading books, playing on the Internet, talking business. A few days ago I watched an 18 year old have an interview for a Database job. Yes, I was eavesdropping. It was interesting.

I have to admit, if it wasn’t for Wifi, I would never be in a coffee shop. Most gourmet coffees are not of my taste. Call me crazy, but I like the coffee that comes with your eggs, hash browns and toast.

I wondered how much coffee shops rely on Wifi to bring in customers? Even so, I wonder if that actually helps or hurts the coffee shop.

A couple months ago I reported on my own site that my favorite coffee shop (Caribou Coffee) closed it’s doors by my house in Fitchburg, WI. I knew they weren’t doing that great, but I thought it was just a small slump.

The funny thing about it was that coffee shop usually had people in it. This shop I am in now (the closer one) is not as busy and it’s even bigger than the other one. Nonetheless, that shop had problems.

Last Thursday I spent 7 hours at a coffee shop. I wrote 4 different articles and ran through a lot of business in that time. As I was there I had 3 cups of Coffee, a cookie and a Root Beer. $8 for 7 hours of work. That’s a little over a dollar an hour to rent the space and Wifi. I left a tip.

It does ask the question if a coffee shop actually makes money. Of course, lots of people drink it, some of them go out of their ways for good coffee. You have businesses that order large amounts for the break room, special meetings or other events. I suppose they can get business that we wouldn’t even see.

Nonetheless, I am glad I can go somewhere else to get some work done. I even like the idea I can “Beer and Blog”. It gives me a change of scenery and I get some great food and drink. I hope this doesn’t go away…

One thought on “Coffee Shop Without Wifi? Perish the Thought!

  1. I live in the city that Panera Bread came from. St. Louis Bread Company was what they were called in those days. I spend an inordinate amount of time (and money) at Panera. I get so much more work done at the coffee shop than I do at my home office. At home there is husband and kids and extra kids and people needing things…

    At the coffee shop I am alone with my laptop. I get a lot done. I spend a lot more than $8, and I rarely stay 7 hours (usually no more than 2-4).

    Whenever I’m at Panera Bread, 80% of the tables are full, and half of those are people like me using the WiFi. In some cities I’ve been in they limit the amount of time on WiFi during “peak” times, so that tells me they are quite busy.

    I love the coffee shop. And the coffee. Especially with chocolate…

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