Does anyone truly own an Apple Product?

Let me share my feelings on Apple products. I don’t like them period. It is not because they suck or are not easy to use. Clearly they are user friendly and from what I hear do not suck. That is why they are so popular. But the company is so controlling about what you can do with their products. And make no mistake it is their product even after you put down your hard earned money for it. Sure you can use it when you want, take it where you want, even sell it when you get ready to do so. But try to alter it or use it in a way Apple does not care for, then you have trouble. And they can even disable your device in cases like the iphone. Try to move your itunes library to another computer or media device not made by Apple and you will see who really owns “your” stuff. I tried to get my wife’s songs from her itunes library into mp3 format so I could place them on a new Creative Mp3 player. Well if I wanted to burn cds of all the songs and go on a digital adventure that would last hours I would have went ahead. But I just gave up. I understand why they create a walled garden. It is to keep people using their devices the way Apple deems appropriate. But it also keeps people like me who like a little flexibility in their tech devices from buying Apple products. I know Steve Jobs will make it without my few dollars though:) .

The story Todd did on the last podcast about some people’s iphones getting disabled because they had an unauthorized application loaded on it really got to me. Either the phone is yours or it is not. The fact that a small percentage of people may get over in some way by not giving Apple more money does not justify keeping every single user from using their property how they want. When you by a new Dodge truck you have the ability to get accessories after the fact that were made by companies other than Dodge. When you buy a house from a builder he does not lock you out of your home when you don’t let him build on a new deck that your brother will do for free. I understand this is comparing apples to oranges but the principle holds true. Just because Apple can lock you out because it is a digital product does not make it right to do so. Wikipedia defines ownership as “the state or fact of exclusive rights and control over property”. If Apple controls your iphone or ipod after you bought it do you really own it?

One thought on “Does anyone truly own an Apple Product?

  1. You do have a point and although I’ve not listened yet to the GNC podcast in question Todd has highlighted something that is definitely questionable.

    OK, it is against the agreement that you make at the point of purchase not to modify the iPhone but if it is true that the devices are being locked completely when loaded with an unauthorised application that I do disagree with, I cannot see why the device cannot simply refuse to run the application.

    Going back to your iTunes problem, you CAN convert any song to MP3 format and do as you please with it with the exception of those purchased from the iTunes store with DRM enabled. This is only to be expected and not Apple’s fault per se, and of course you are breaking anti-piracy laws if you try to get around this. Media studio’s rules I am afraid.

    As for who owns Apple hardware, well apart from the iPhone problem on the GNC podcast I can’t quite see your point. Go buy a brand new car and modify it as you please, then see where that leaves you when it comes to a warranty claim. On the basis of that argument do we really own anything?

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