Why “I” choose Movable Type over WordPress

I can sum it up in one word “Security” I have never had a MT install exploited. Cannot say the same for WordPress. I missed one of their frequent security updates and my mom’s blog got exploited in less than 2 days after the security patch was issued by WP.

I also run all of my blogs from a single control panel. One MT install drives all of my sites. I have nearly 20 blogs all running from a single control panel try that with wordpress. Thus when their is a update I update a single installation and I am finished.

The Movable Type editor also simply works, when I use an external editor like Blogjet as I am now. I know that when I hit publish the the way I have typed it in the editor is going to be the way it is displayed on my blog.

WordPress is nearly impossible to work with in the templating department. But the MT templating is very simple and it is very easy to make changes, great for novices that want to have a website that looks like their own. I get sick of seeing all of the cookie cutter boring design that make up a large number of WordPress sites.

I run both MT and WP blogs, and I will say without reservation that while I have given MT grief in the past for some of the things they have and have not done.  I can say that the MT platform is much more stable and it handles heavy traffic loads a lot better than WordPress ever will. SixApart

Note: This may sound hypocritical but for people just starting a blog that only need a single website WordPress is a good choice. I have stated on this blog that I would only recommend wordpress and generally that is the recomendation I give people. But I do add my concerns as listed above. For me though, and the way “I” run this site MT remains my only viable choice.

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4 thoughts on “Why “I” choose Movable Type over WordPress

  1. The NY Times also uses WP for its blogs. Not to mention TechCrunch itself!

    WP is a leader in the market. But yeah, I wish it was more secure. They are growing much faster than MT though.

  2. Actually, Todd, I have never had a problem in upgrading any of my WordPress installations, and I have been a faithful WordPress user for quite a while. For me, it is a simple FTP install, as I find that the one-click install webhosts provide tends to lag a bit.

    That said, updating plugins can be a small hassle, but the later versions of WP have a way to alert an Admin user to updates for their themes and plugins. I fail to see how this is difficult, but I will admit I have not toyed with email notifications from my admin interface as to when updates are available.

    We can agree to disagree on this one, but I found the SixApart post to be a bit in the theme of the Mac/PC ads.

  3. Hey Todd

    If this was the story you were hesitant about publishing about a “competitor” I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s good to have opinions on both sides of the fence. Personally, I use WordPress and love it! I value any opinion (positive or negative) about anything as long as the statements are supported by facts/valid points. You have a valid points about WordPress. Google has thousands of WordPress blogs indexed – the minute there’s an exploit Google does the rest.

    Justin Gill

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