GNC-2008-03-04 #353

Lots of science related stuff on the show tonight. Very late recording here and a healthy dose of tech news and information

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Listener Links:
Japan Ready to censor Internet
Airplane Almost Crashes
Encyclopedia of Life
I want Sandy

Show Notes:
The Monster Cable Challenge
Comcast keeps on getting smacked around
Chrysler 100% Hybrid
Lunar Eclipse show Earth not Dusty
RIAA Play Labels Like a Fiddle
Wikipedia Conflict of Interest
Spammer going away for 9 Years :)
Recycled Material in Land Fill?
Mars Sand Dunes
Hale-Bopp Comet Pic
Safari not safe to use on Paypal
70% would stop P2P if warned
Apple Time Capsule Review
OStatic Open Source Blog
Endeavor Cleared for Launch
NASA Images Lunar South Pole
Akamai beats down Limelight
HBO Regroups Online Videos
Do you watch Online Videos at Work?
Apple TV not many Movies
Wikileaks Back on the Air
Drupal goes Commercial
Microsoft IE*
Avalanche on Mars Captured
Mars Rover Mission

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