Tips for surviving the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show

These are tips for those going to CES for the first time.

  • Sleep as much as you can before you go
  • Drink at least 4–6 Bottles of Water a Day
  • Leave your Dress shoes at Hotel wear Sneakers
  • Pack Twice as many Business cards as you need
  • Always allow 3–4 times the normal travel time to venues
  • Have a Plan on Top 100 things you want to see
  • Tip everyone well you will get taken care of
  • Plan on 3–4 hours sleep each night Tops
  • Carry everything you will need for 18hrs between hotel visits
  • Have at least $100.00 in small bills
  • Bring Extension Cords and Power Strips in your luggage
  • Don’t bring a heavy coat to the convention center
  • Eat when you can and Eat good Food
  • Expect 1 full day in each Hall

These are just a few of the CES warrior tips I can provide. It is a Monster Show that is nearly impossible to see everything. Having fun is definitely part of the show, but companies have spent huge amounts of their budgets to be their so respect that.


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