Gawker Media is now Old Media

I had to laugh today when I read Gawker Media is going to pay performance bonuses to Bloggers on their network based on the traffic the drive to the site makes me really sit back and ask why?

Some of the Gawker Media blogs are top notch. They are probably read by a lot of people that are influential in the community. So why now are they worried about page views.

Is it that the revenue they are generating is solely reliant on the number of page views that they now have to push their editors to focus solely on driving page views.

Again folks my thoughts is that Audience numbers / Page Views are not important its the influences and engagement of those that do subscribe. It has been a long time since Gizmodo or Engadget have influenced a purchase of mine.

The reason is pretty simple I don’t feel that they are that objective. They say they are bloggers but to me their content is a breeding ground for content being feed to them by PR and marketing people. ValleyWag

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One thought on “Gawker Media is now Old Media

  1. When I plan on making a purchase, I might read a few reviews, browse through various blogs, and then do a little more research on my own. I never trust just one site or a couple of blogs and/or reviews because most of the time it’s either a paid PR stunt or some fanboy of a particular product and/or company.
    For me, most of what I see these days isn’t really legit and therefore I never base my purchases off of other peoples non-objective opinion, regardless of why they are not objective.

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