GNC-2007-10-05 #306

We have Cherie from the as the guest on the show for the first 15 minutes or so and then and really full show content with some soapbox time as well.

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Listener Links:
Sony Stupidity #1
Cable AlaCarte What If!
Sony Stupidity #2
RIAA Hates its customers
Comet Encke Video
Hepa Filter

Show Notes:
Feds Shut Off CA.Gov Web Sites
First Space Photo
Why Internet Explorer is so Bloated
iPhone Sales tied to Unlocking
RIAA Trial Verdict Bad News
Apple Fanatic
Jobs has sold out to the Telco’s
PGP Whole Disk Encryption Bypass
Sony BMG Head Lawyer makes America Hate Sony
Google Body Slams Verizon
Plastic Shell Shears
WordPress Automatic Update Plugin
Level 3 Slashes Prices
Internet Explorer 7 Update
China Blocks RSS Feeds
Podcaster Awards Coverage
AT&T Content Filtering
Japan Lunar Princess enters Moon Orbit
Leopard Shipping Date this Month
More money for Shuttle
Seven Patches for Patch Tuesday
Copy Protection Issues for Blu-Ray

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