GNC-2007-09-14 #302

Another Monster show some great listener comments at the end of the show that you will not want to miss. Still fighting a horrible cough wife thinks it’s time to see the doctor.

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Listener Links:
Search for Fosset
iPhone Ringtones
Nuclear Explosion at 1 Millisecond

Show Notes:
Cable must Support Analog TV till 2012
Office Ultimate for Students $60.00
Help those Serving our Country
Do not run this Stop Sign
Verizon Sues FCC over 700mhz Auction
30 Million Reward to get to the Moon
Windows Stealth Updates
RIAA Abusing Courts
Fair Use worth Fighting For
Mystery 9-11 Plane
Never Forget
Photonic Laser for Mars Propulsion
RIAA Complaint Dismissed
Viacomm Looses one Take down on YouTube
Powerful Light Scope
iPod Touch on the Streets
Pool Game and Cup Holder :)
Google pays 1.3 Million Parks Jet at Moffett
SEO Tutorial for WordPress
Google Special Announce Next Week
Google calls Verizon to Task
Having a Smartcard Legal
Metered Broadband slows Growth
Japan Lunar Princess heads for Moon

Note Looking for some help at PNME listen to show for details

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